Is there foot traffic? Yes. There is also a traffic light & Chicago 66 bus directly in front of the storefront for more exposure.

What’s nearby? Local bars, restaurants, Mariano’s, Walgreens, Salons, & clothing boutiques.

What type of building is the space located in? Corner storefront with an awning.

What is the styling of the space? Clean, black & white themed & modern.

Is there parking? Yes. Street parking is free on Sundays & after 6pm.

Where’s the nearest public transportation? Chicago 66 stops directly in front of the storefront.

Is there a large window for display? Yes, the front and side of the storefront has full size windows available for displaying products.




Is there a storage room? Yes, storage space is available starting at $35 per day depending on how many products you need stored.

How’s the lighting? We have a ton of natural light and a variety of lighting fixtures that can be turned on/off for different moods.

Does the space have any theft prevention? We have a security alarm for overnight use.

If Wi-Fi available? Yes, WiFi is available for $10 per day.

Is there a bathroom available? Yes, we have a unisex bathroom available for customers.